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  • From Poverty to Principal takes you on a journey from Annetha Jones’s childhood to adulthood. She shares her strengths, vulnerabilities, and how life events propelled her to promote educational advocacy for Black and Brown students. Through her experiences and deliberate efforts, she transparently imparts her personal and professional strategies to assist students of color to avoid common pitfalls as they navigate the educational system. A former principal, Jones gained extensive knowledge of the system’s inner workings and has been privy to the inequities faced by many students of color.

    “I hope what I have learned helps others gain the most from the educational system. We must all work to ensure our students are prepared for the amazing opportunities awaiting them.”

    FROM POVERTY TO PRINCIPAL: A Guide to Promote Equity and Student Advocacy
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    About The Author, Annetha Jones

    Annetha Chambers Jones, Ed.S., is a former middle and high school principal, educator, mentor, inspirational speaker, and author. Her professional accomplishments include being named as 1997 Teacher of the Year, 2010 Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year and a nomination for 2016 Principal of the Year.