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  • What People Are Saying

    “I worked with teens and parents for years. After reading this book, I wish I would have had this as a guide and that every counselor who works with parents could give this information to them. It’s really, really helpful.”

    Dr. Stem Mahlatini

    “An of abundance strategies aimed to promote educational advocacy for students of color. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I love how it shared expertise and experiences as a method to shed light on flaws that have impeded the educational system.”

    M. Neal, 30 Year Educator

    “This book is designed to empower students and parents to advocate for themselves and their children in the educational system. As an educator myself, it was hard to put this book down because it is inspiring, motivational, well written and encourages me to intentionally ensure that ALL students have an opportunity to reach their fullest potential.”

    BM, Ph.D

    “This is a MUST read for educators and parents and students of color. This personal story of how Mrs. Jones overcame a life of poverty to become a high school principal is wonderful. Each chapter will give you an insight into how to ensure that we continue to strive for excellence!”

    S. Johnson, Educator

    “Excellent Read!! This book is designed to educate and empower families. As a thirty-six year educator, I truly appreciate the advice given on appropriately advocating.”

    Dr. Selina Z. Jones

    “This book clearly demonstrates how parents can help their children achieve success during their educational journey from elementary school throughout high school. After reading this book, parents will feel more equipped in monitoring their children’s academic journey.”

    RL, Retired Principal